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Bertone Alfa Romeo

Posted on 29 September, 2018 by Francesca
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mercedesbenzvietnam.com -Bertone Alfa Romeo It was one of his first major projects for Bertone, and borrowed heavily from his earlier design for the Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint/2600 Sprint. The balance of glass and metal, the influence of the shape of the front and rear glass on the shape of the cabin, and the flat grille with incorporated headlamps were groundbreaking styling features for the era.

1. Alfa Romeo Canguro

Alfa Romeo Canguro  DownloadSource: en.wikipedia.org

Bertone Alfa Romeo a romeo already made the. So this was originally a Bertone project and had nothing officially to do with Alfa Romeo. They used the Alfa 1900 chassis for the base of the build, and Bertone’s designers came up with four early ideas, none of which were approved.

Alfa romeo carabo. The Alfa Romeo Carabo is a concept car first shown at the 1968 Paris Motor Show. It was designed by Marcello Gandini , working for the Bertone design studio. [2] The Carabo name is derived from the Carabidae beetles, as evoked by the car's iridescent green and orange coloring.

Alfa romeo 105/115 series coupe for sale. These Alfa Romeo coupes came with many names the Giulia Sprint GT, GT Veloce, GTV, GT Junior, GTV 2000, and more depending on European or other market destination. The timeless Italian Bertone styling and the sweet twin-cam soundtrack give these cars their strong following among enthusiasts and racers.

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